DRAGON HEALING "There is so much more to life"
DRAGON HEALING"There is so much more to life"

Welcome to Dragon Healing


A classic form of relaxation.   Locate the inner you and learn who you can be whilst in a guided meditation.  Small groups of up to 4 or available on a 1 to 1 basis.



A Japanese form of energy healing.  Relax and feel the warmth of the practitioners hands hovering gently over your chakra points.  Experience the healing in every way as energies are mingled.



Thai Yoga Massage

An unusual form of massage using Yoga poses.  It will stretch and renew you, lengthen and revive you.  Done fully clothed it can also help with joint issues.

Colour Therapy

The words "feeling blue", "I just saw red" and "green with jealousy" are not just figures of speech.  Find out how your emotions, mentatlity and life can be changed for the better through the magic of colour.



Indian Head massage will be coming soon, with Aromatherapy and Bach flower therapy in the next year.


I have nothing against meds but together with a little self help from nature - they can be so much more.


On being told I would be on anti-depression pills for life I thought "there has to be more to life..."

There is - and I can help to show you the self healing properties of colour, personal energy, movement, massage and more.

Your not alone

Holistic means all the person in its entirety - body, spirit, mind and soul

I belive in BALANCE and the power of achieveing that.

Who i am and a dedication


My name is Gillian Billing. A married mother of 2 and owner of several pets! I was told I would be taking anti-depressants for life a few years back and decided then and there that there had to be more to life. I started to meditate with my best friend Deidre Nelson and found a peace and acceptance to just be me. That was followed by an online course in colour therapy which helped me heal in a positive daily way just by wearing and surrounding myself with the correct colour. Summer 2013 I met Corinna Michelle of Barefoot Healing and furthered my education in meditation, reiki and what goes into making a busiess. I found I had a future, I am an independant individual with something to give the world . I owe a lot to DD and C, my journey to here and the path I continue on is hugley due to these remarkable women. Thank you, I love you both x 


I also owe a "little" to the family and friends who have been guinea pigs for my treatments and loved me throughout (and despite) my transformation.

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